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My name is Ramona Tatijana Lorieri-Skog. I've owned dogs since I got my first dog at the age of 7 years. I've always loved animales, but dogs in particular. 
I started out my breeding carer as a young girl, planning, researching and completed my first litter back in 2010, 19 years old.  I learned a lot from being able to interact with old breeders, and I got an easy start that way. Because of the start I got in breeder world - I sit with an incredibly good foundation to continue on. I've had several litters - with high quality dogs. As of today I've breed several champions, and most importantly healthy family dogs, giving their families lots of joy. I've set a rule for myself. I will never breed something I myself do not want to keep from, I will not end up having many litters a year. The dogs I use for breeding are physically and mentally healthy, they are environmentally strong and preferably holds the title Norwegian Champion. My goal is to breed dogs that can give pleasure to their families for many years, combined with a look that suggests they  are the breed they are. My dogs are checked for HD, Patella and eyes. 

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