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Our breeding principles.

 We've set a rule for ourself. We will never breed something we don't want to keep from ourselves, we will not end up having many litters a year. The dogs we use for breeding are physically and mentally healthy, they are environmentally strong and preferably holds the title Norwegian Champion. Our goal is to breed dogs that can give pleasure to their families for many years, combined with a look that suggests they  are the breed they are. Our dogs are checked for HD, Patella and eyes.

We spend a huge amount of time doing research, planning and working to give our buyers the best fundament possible to get the dog they hope for. We set requirements for our buyers, just as they put demands on us as breeders. All puppies purchased at Aridgeocrat's Kennel, shall be  HD x-rayed and Patella luxation checked within 18 months of age. We spend huge amounts of time and money on our puppies, both in terms of socialization and to provide for a content-rich environment to live in the first 8 weeks. Our puppies are chipped, have a health certificate, vaccination and are de-wormed 3 times before delivery.  
Our puppy  package includes:
1 kg food, A carpet with odor from our puppybox, Harness and leash. Small cups that can be used at the start
And most importantly - lifelong support from us. We expect that our puppy buyers themselves would like to have contact with us, and demands to know where the dog resides at any given time. 

Are you still interested in a puppy? 
Plase, feel free to contact us :) 

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