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Aridgeocrat's Fantastiske Frk Kaia

Retired from breeding


DATE OF BIRTH: 02.01.2008  - 04.11.2016
HEIGHT: 33,3 cm / WEIGHT: 9 kg
TAIL: Long
OWNER: Ramona Tatijana Lorieri-Skog / BREEDER: 


PUPPY: Multiple BOB / BB2 Breed special 
ADULT: Multiple BOB/CAC - BOG4 
TITLES: Norwegian Show Champion / Danish Show Champion. 
WINNER TITLES: -  European Veteran Winner 2016 / Belgium Veteran Winner 2016 / Benelux Veteran Winner 2016


BETTY is a one of a kind, my pride and joy, the fundation to my love for this sweet breed. In 2008 I brouht her home, 9 weeks old, an at that time, I never imagened the change she would do, and how it would change my life. 
She's an outstandig dog, proven to be a real good breeding dog, and has given me more than I could ever ask for. Easy to live with, great tempered and has a huge amount of love for everyone crossing her path. She's a working machine, eager to please at any point, but yet typical farmdog asking "what's in it for me" along the way. She's stubborn and headstrong - but not to the point where it's uncontrollable. She has a tremendous will and if she sets a goal, she goes completely out to achieve it, and mostely do at the end. She has everything I wish for in the breed, great temper, good health and a fearless mind. 

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