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The Danish Swedish Farmdog

A versitile breed. 



Until a few decades ago it was quite common in Denmark and Sweden, especially on farms. The breed had many different functions, kept rats and mice away from barns and houses, was a good guard dog, kept the fox away from the chicken farm and the children were happy playmates. 


As industrialization this smallhardy breed  was in danger of disappearing. A collaboration between DKK and SKK occurred in 1985 to try to preserve the breed. After that it got its own name: Danish / Swedish Farmdog. 


Farmdogs is blazingly fast, it has a well developed hunting instinct and a good nose, and is a formidable rat hunter. 


You may well have a few dogs together. Farmdogs is lively and deserves much attention and dedication. 

It can take long walks, learn dressage or agility. The dog is very docile and obedient, and easily learn different tricks. It can jump very high, steady on their feet and are very quick. 



Country of origin / country of origin 

Denmark / Sweden 



Small, compact, almost square. Late in the exteriors fully developed. 



Rectangular in the ratio 9:10. 



Alert, intelligent, lively. 
A farmdog shall not be agressive or shy!


This is a recurring question. Who can own a Danish Swedish farm dog?

Anyone with willingness to implement a proper dog care can keep a farm dog. Farmdog is lively, and requires a specific, but gentle hand in everyday life. This is a small dog in a large format, and they are fully aware of it. These are dogs with strong psyche and self-will, and they take  easily control if they are allowed to. This is not a distinctly difficult breed, but many missunderstand them, and many allow the dogs take too much control in life on the basis that they are small in size.  Do not be fooled by the size. It is a dog more than happy to join you in a many hour trip in the mountains, with you on the ride or a jog. 

It is a breed that wants to be close to it's pack, so for those of you who want a dog that can be out most of the day, you're looking at the wrong breed. 


Farmdogs are suitable for those who are active and want a dog that is a part of everyday life. 
For those who can give the dog stimulation both physically and mentally. And for those looking for a companion the next 15 years. 


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